The big apartement Oberzarten in the house Lickert FW1 / AP1  / Type C (3-room-apartement and kitchen-room ) (70 sqm): 3 Sterne

Nice Living room:                                                                               Beautifull Bedroom to the south-side:
photo lickert livingroom


Beautifull Bedroom to the north-side:

Big kitchen:

photo kitchen lickert big apartement
How it is showen, has the big apartement in the house Lickert two  separte bedrooms with doublebeds and one living room.


additional further equipment:


own kitchenroom with dining-table 


microwave, Fridge, cooking facilitities


Cot/Childbed or babybed can be placed 


Bathroom with bathtub


extra room with WC/toilet

bullet wash-bowl/lavatory/sink in both bedrooms, as well in the Bathroom



Satellite TV with flat screen in the living room, as  well in all holiday-home-apartements.

Very comfortable furniched apartement is suitable for up to 4 adults or 2 adults with 1,  2 or 3 younger or  older children.

The south apartement Feldberg in the Guest-house Lickert FW5 / AP5 / Type B (2-room-apartement) (45 sqm):  3-Sterne

Nice Living room:  

photo lickert living room
Good cooking facilitiest / kitchen:

photo kitchen-area lickert south



Beautifull bedroom in the south apartement:

photo lickert south bedroom
The south apartment has  a bedroom and a living room, there is another sleeping accommodation. 

Additional equipment:



Living-room-kitchen /eat-in kitchen, microwave, cooking facilities, fridge, kitchenette-row


Sofa bed, seating opportunity, dining opportunity, couche corner


Cot/children bed or Babybed can be placed 


Bathroom with shower, water-closet/toilet and wash-bowl


2 balconies


Satellite TV


Bathroom with shower:

photo lickert south bathroom 



The north apartement Thurner in the house Lickert FW6 / AP6  / Type B (2-room-apartement) (45 sqm):  3-Sterne



above: view from the north apartement to 

 Black Forest Ski Museum.


left: View from the balcony of the north apartement to  

 ice rink, also to see the das Gartenhäusle / the garden shelter 



Good Cooking facilitiest:

photo lickert kitchen
Nice Living room:

photo lickert livingroom


Beautifull bedroom in the Thurner apartement:

photo lickert north bedroom
The north and south apartement are similar in layout, space and equipment. 


additional equipment:


bulletLiving-room-kitchen /eat-in kitchen, microwave, cooking facilities, kitchenette-row, refridgerator
bulletSofa bed, seating opportunity, dining opportunity, couche corner
bulletCot/children bed or Babybed can be placed
bulletBathroom with shower and toilet, wash-bowl
bullet2 balconies

Satellite TV





As of: juli  14th 2023